International Peace Murals. Belfast, Ireland. August 2012.

Monica McWilliams of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition.  Belfast, Ireland. August 2012.

Fauzilla Tunnesa Bulu, known to many as Bulu Khala, was born in then-India in 1919. Fifty-two when the Liberation War broke out, she is the oldest woman included “A Woman’s War” from any country thus far.  Bulu Khala was a key driving force throughout the war, working to maintain the Kuchbihar refugee camp, as well as recruit and prepare mukti bahini (Bangladeshi guerrilla fighters) for battle. Last week, at the age of 93, living in rural Rangpur with her children and their families, Bulu Khala passed away.

Read more on Bulu Khala here.
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Your work is very impressing. Congrats on The Jezebel Kick-Ass and Amazing Women We Love list.

The Jezebel 25, photographed by Nikola Tamindzic.  June 2012.

The Jezebel 25, photographed by Nikola Tamindzic.  June 2012.

Zamalek. Cairo , May 2012.

Election day. Cairo, May 2012.

The Nile. Cairo, May 2012.